It is a sobering statistic: Heart disease and stroke is the number one cause of death among adults in the Western hemisphere, yet many in the medical profession consider many of these deaths to be preventable. Our own family is among this sad statistic. In October 2006 we said good-bye to Beatman (Phillip’s dad) and thus begun the journey that led us to the opening of The Heart Health Centre.

Heart disease tends to run in families, this puts people with a parent or sibling with heart disease at a greater risk for developing heart disease themselves. People who have lost a parent or sibling to heart disease before that individual reached age 65 is considered especially high risk. Our family, along with many other families – unfortunately, falls into this category.

We aren’t going to focus on the negative outcomes though, because there are many ways that you can protect your cardiovascular health. That is where The Heart Health Centre comes in. We founded the Centre to provide a service that complements and expands the services currently available on the island. When we were developing the centre our vision was to provide personalized and innovative services that empowers each person and facilitates their best health.

To that end we identified four key pillars or principles that form the foundation of our approach – Education, Prevention, Intervention, and Support & Management.

Our goal is to use The Heart Health Centre, working along with other health care providers and organizations such as the Cayman Heart Fund, to really make a dent in the death and disability due to heart disease in the Cayman Islands. Heart disease does not only affect individuals diagnosed with heart disease. It impacts families, businesses and the entire community. The Heart Health Centre provides client centered care in a soothing environment that is designed to promote health and well-being.

We offer consultations with qualified and experienced physicians and also offer comprehensive services and procedures such as EKGs, Stress Testing, Echocardiograms and the island’s only nuclear medicine.

We encourage you to find out your family history and to take action to reduce your risks. The Heart Health Centre is here to help our community have Healthier Hearts... Healthier Lives.