Community Screenings Photos

Heart & Soul Event Photos

Heart & Soul Event Photos
What a Fabulous Event!
held on Friday, 25 March 2011

Cassia Court, Camana Bay

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Community Screenings are part of our public education services.
In our community screenings we partner with various organisations and help participants learn their numbers - Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol, BMI  and provide information about improving heart health and minimizing risk factors.

Below: Jodie Kelly, R.N. - Education & Projects Coordinator & Winifred Banks, M.D. -
Patient Care Coordinator counsel participants in our Blood Pressure Screening held at Foster's Food Fair
the Strand in May 2010

Corporate Education is provided to help local companies provide accurate health information to help keep their employees healthy.

Below: Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod one of our board certified cardiologists is providing a corporate education lecture on heart disease at CUC.

Our offices are designed to help our clients feel comfortable.
We carefully chose colours, furnishings and accessories that are associated with health and well-being and a full and vibrant life. The consultation office is pictured below.

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