The Heart Health Centre offers cardiology services through a team of visiting cardiologists. Our goal is to (eventually) offer full time coverage. The rotating team offers several advantages to patients:

  1. Patient choice - patients have an opportunity to find a physician whose approach and personality matches their needs.
  2. Our relatively small population and the lack of local facilities to perform certain procedures makes it difficult to find a full time, highly skilled cardiologist - the rotating team allows us to offer these services.

We currently have five physicians:

We place announcements in the press and send notices to physicians’ offices prior to each visit by the cardiologist.

Initial consultations are very thorough and take a minimum of one hour, depending on the nature of the visit and the status of the patient.

We offer copies of notes to referring physicians usually within 24-48 hours. The cardiologist will, in some cases telephone the referring physician with a preliminary report at the time of the patient appointment.

The cardiologist, as with many other specialists, will usually initiate a treatment plan designed to provide the optimal results for the patient. This protocol may require several follow-up visits.

The primary care physician then manages the on-going treatment until ‘check-ups’ at designated intervals to evaluate cardiac status or at the request of the physician. If the cardiologists finds routine health issues that affects the patient’s health he or she may recommend initial screening tests and then forward results to the primary care physician for management. The cardiologist may also refer the patient to another specialist.