Risk Factor Assessments play a crucial role in improving or maintaining heart health.

By understanding your risk factors and managing them you can improve your overall health and minimize your risk of cardiac events such as heart attack.

Risk factors fall into two categories: Controllable and Uncontrollable. We focus more on the controllable risk factors because these are things that we can do something about.

Uncontrollable risk factors are things that you have no control over. Age, Gender, Race, & Family History are the main uncontrollable risk factors.

Controllable risk factors are: Cholesterol Levels, Diabetes/Blood Sugar Levels, Smoking, Blood Pressure Level, Activity Levels, Weight/BMI.

At The Heart Health Centre we offer comprehensive risk factor assessments that not only help you to understand your personal risk factors but can help you manage them efficiently.

Please contact us today to schedule your comprehensive risk factor assessment.