The Heart Health Centre in affiliation with KY Imaging are pleased to offer Ultrasound Services.

We offer professional and courteous client centered services in an environment designed to be soothing to our clients and emphasises health and well-being.

Our appointments are structured to allow adequate time with each client.

We accept most major health insurance policies (and manage any precertification required). For many patients this means a smaller out of pocket expense. Patients who pay in full at the time of service receive a discount. Payment can be made with cash or most debit and credit cards.

Referring physicians can be provided with the Technologist’s impressions by telephone upon completion of the study. The Radiologist’s or Cardiologist’s (for echocardiograms) report is delivered, via fax, within 24 hours.

We provide Hert (Echocardiogram), Abdominal, Renal, Bilary / Liver, Obstetric (follow-up obstetric scans are offered at a discounted rate), Pelvic, Transvaginal, Testicular, Thyroid, Breast, Chest and Extremities (non-vascular).

Peripheral Cascaular Doppler Examinations - Carotid, Arterial, Venous, Venous Mapping.